Nature Pure Bael (Woodapple)

This healthy fruit is a "blessing from nature for mankind". It has great medicinal value.

Bael is a natural laxative and helps in curing constipation. Bael cleans and tones up the intestines. It helps in reducing gastric ulcers and is greatly beneficial in digestive disorders.

The vast array of health benefits that are attributed to wood apples are mainly due to their nutrients, vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, fiber, protein, and iron.

Bael Murabba :

The goodness of this traditional preparation is legendary. The premium " made at home " feel in a bottle retains all the natural goodness of the fruit.

Bael Candy :

The same traditional murabba modernised to accomodate the demands of the younger generation. The dry cubic pieces appeal to the youth and children both , thereby allowing them to absorb the nutritional values of the fruit.

The promise of a genuine product with wholesome goodness ! Tingle the taste buds of your entire family and gift them good health with our range of Amla and Bael products.